Cape of Good Hope stamps perfins

No. Town Firms Initials Years  
01.    Cape Government Printing And Stationery Dept. "point"   Pic
02.     16.L   Pic
03.  Johanesburgas   A&B.A./?   Pic
04.  Durban, Pretoria   B.B   Pic
05.  Capetown, Port Elizabeth  Bagshaw, Gibaud & Co. Ltd. B.G.L.   Pic
06.  East London  Baker, King & Co. B.K./&Co.   Pic
07.  Durban  W.G. Brown & Co. Ltd. B/&/Co   Pic
08.  Capetown   BB   Pic
09.  Capetown, East London, King Viliamstovn  Banker, Baker & Co. BB/&Co   Pic
10.  King Viliamstovn  Banker, Baker & Co. BB/&Co   Pic
11.  Port Elizabeth  Banker, Baker & Co. BB/PE   Pic
12.  Port Elizabeth  Bagshaw, Gibaud & Co. Ltd. BGL   Pic
13.  Johanesburgas   BML   Pic
14.  Capetown  Burroughs, Wellcome & Co. Ltd. BW/&Co.   Pic
15.  Capetown  Cleghorn & Harris C&H   Pic
16.  Port Elizabeth  C.E. Gardner & Co. Ltd. C.E.G/&Co/Ltd   Pic
17.  Bloemfontein  C.W. Champion Ltd. C.W.C   Pic
18.  Capetown   CH/&W   Pic
19.     CH/J   Pic
20.  Capetown  Cape Times Ltd. CltdT   Pic
21.  Capetown  Cunard Steamship Co. CSS   Pic
22.  Capetown  Donald Currie & Co. D.C/&Co.   Pic
23.  Capetown Paquebot, Durban  Deutsche Ost Africa Line D.O./A.L.   Pic
24.  Capetown  Wm. Dawson & Sons (S.A.) Ltd. D.S.   Pic
25.  Durban, East London  Dunn & Co. D/&Co.   Pic
26.  Capetown, Port Elizabeth  D. Isaacs & Co. DI/&Co.   Pic
27.  Capetown  Fletcher's Retail FR/CT   Pic
28.  Durban, Harismith, Standerton  Garlick & Hand G&H   Pic
29.  Durban   GS/J   Pic
30.  Capetown  Hermann, Cannard & Co. H&C   Pic
31.  Port Elizabeth   H&Co.   Pic
32.  Durban, Port Elizabeth  Hansen & Schrader H&S   Pic
33.     J&F   Pic
34.  Capetown   J.F./&S.   Pic
35.  Capetown  John Dickinson & Co. Ltd. JD&Co   Pic
36.  Johanesburg   JDCo   Pic
37.  Port Elizabeth  John Daverin & Co. JDCo/Ld   Pic
38.  Capetown  John Garlick JG    J.G.   Pic
39.  Capetown, Durban, Johanesburg, Port Elizabeth  J.W. Jagger & Co. Ltd. JWJ/&Co   Pic
40.  Port Elizabeth  Liebermann, Beilstedt & Co. L.B./&Co.   Pic
41.  Durban  Munder & Auersvald Ltd. M&A   Pic
42.     M.R./&Co./Ltd.   Pic
43.  Johanesburg   MB   Pic
44.  Capetown, Durban  Mitchell, Cotts & Co. MC/&Co   Pic
45.  Port Elizabeth   McNC/&Co.   Pic
46.  Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Richmond, et al.  National Government Railways NGR   Pic
47.  Durban  Purcell, Yallop & Everett P.Y.E.   Pic
48.  Rondebosch  Pegram Ltd. P/LD   Pic
49.  Capetown, George  R. Wilson, Sons & Co. R.W.S/&Co   Pic
50.  Capetown   RA/T   Pic
51.  Capetown  R. Muller & Co. RM   Pic
52.  Kimberly, Port Elizabeth  Rolfes, Nebel & Co. RN/&Co   Pic
53.  Capetown  R. Wilson, Sons & Co. RWS/&Co   Pic
54.  Capetown, Port Elizabeth  Stephen, Fraser & Co. Ltd. S.F./&Co.   Pic
55.    South African Railways S/AR   Pic
56.  Durban  S. Butcher & Sons, Ltd. SB/S   Pic
57.  Port Elizabeth  Stephen, Fraser & Co. Ltd. SF/&Co.   Pic
58.  Port Elizabeth   SM/&Co.   Pic
59.  Johanesburg   T.L   Pic
60.  Capetown, Durban, Johanesburg  Thos. Cook & Son TC/&S   Pic
61.  Capetown, Durban  United Tobacco Co. U.T.C/Ld   Pic
62.  Capetown, East London, Port Elizabeth  Union Castle Co. U-C/C   Pic
63.  Capetown, Durban, East London, Johanesburg, Port Elizabeth  Union Castle Co. U-C/Co   Pic
64.     W&Co.   Pic



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